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DVS Education Gaming Day Camp

Hello all and welcome to our first ever Dvs Nexus Day camp. Here participants will be able to not only have fun but also be educational as well. How is this possible? Well im glad you asked I will gladly explain what we have to offer. It all starts with a week full of a variety of games that are well known and can be used for an educational purpose. Now how is gaming educational? Well let me tell you that even through all the shooting and fictional storylines there are a bunch of useful ways to help you grow.

$250/week $150/partial week Purchase in Store

For starters popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft not only help with basic hand eye coordination and multitasking, but also the creativity on what they can build and or make. Another set of games that help with basic command inputs and or able to follow directions and order are fighting games. Knowing what moves and the timing to do them takes patience and basic order of inputs. Now what kind of camp would be without teamwork and leadership. That right there is covered by our fps (first-person shooter) games like Apex, Overwatch and Black ops. Where teamwork and taking charge can mean the survivability of you and your teammates and focusing on that will help with building bonds and connections with people that you wouldn’t have before. It will definitely give the kids an opportunity to work together as a community And those are some of the many things we provide here at DVS Nexus. Hope to see you all soon!

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